The state of IT in today's business environment

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According to the Gartner Group, the average ratio of end users to IT support staff is about 70:1. This can vary greatly in your organization depending upon the complexity or simplicity of your network. If you employ less than 50 users you definitely are a candidate for IT outsourcing.

Because of increased complexity in the ever-expanding technology that runs your business, experts in various areas are needed to support your company's IT infrastructure. This increased complexity often limits the ability of one person to handle all of an organization's technical needs. Until you can afford to bring four or five technical resources in-house, it is very hard to compete with outsourcing companies from an expertise and a value perspective.

Outsourcing with Accelerated Network Solutions will give your business access to different levels of expertise, allowing your organization to grow and not be limited by the expertise of just one or two internal technical resources. Whether you need full time help once or twice a month, occasional help quarterly, or have a monster IT project to take care of Accelerated can provided the critical IT resources to reach your IT needs.

Why outsource?
Although the answer is different for each company, many small and medium-sized businesses are asking themselves if outsourcing is the way to go. In some cases the business owners want to have full control of their IT assets and this can be achieved by having an IT employee on staff making outsourcing not an option. Others want to focus on what they do best and hire professionals to handle the other areas. Still others like to have a mix, keep the day-to-day and routine support in-house, and bring in outside vendors for specific specialty projects.

The reasons for outsourcing can include one or more of the following:

Lower costs (due to economies of scale or lower labor rates)
Variable capacity
The ability to focus on core competencies by ridding yourself of peripheral ones
Lack of in-house resources
Getting work done more efficiently or effectively
Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
Tighter control of budget through predictable costs
Lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure
Access to innovation and thought leadership

ANS can provide your company with full service IT at a fraction of the cost of an in house full time IT support person.

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