Managed Services

Accelerated Network Solutions offers a full suite of managed solutions to ensure the security, integrity and efficiency of your company’s data and infrastructure.

24/7/365 Incident Monitoring and Event Notification
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company’s infrastructure is under the careful watch of our experienced analysts. Accelerated Networks’ sophisticated incident monitoring software combs through thousands of events daily, searching for signs of an intrusion.

Accelerated Networks' experienced technicians will provide detailed event notification of alert and service activity on a schedule defined entirely by you. Stay in front of potential incidents with daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Implementation Services
Count on Accelerated Networks to get you through significant and strategic infrastructure changes. When implementing new technology that will impact your business, you can turn to the Accelerated Networks team to build a project plan, execute the deployment and train or maintain the ongoing operations.

Device Maintenance
Ensure peak performance from your systems, worry-free, by allowing Accelerated Networks to manage software updates, patch maintenance and application version release implementation.

Data Protection Services
Accelerated Networks offers a variety of solutions to protect your valuable information and ensure the resiliency of your operations, keeping your most demanding applications performing at peak levels.

Remote Backup
If a virus struck your web server today, how much data would you lose? Research shows that tape backup fails to recover data as much as 50% of the time, and most companies do not have adequate offsite backup of their server data. Accelerated Networks’ service will store your valuable data in a safe offsite location for rapid recovery in the wake of disaster.

Hosted Collaboration Solution Using Microsoft Exchange Server Software with Optional Handheld Integration
Running Exchange Server software over the internet by connecting to a large data center can be a compelling option because of lower up-front investment, increased up-time and built-in backup of your crucial data. This option also enables you to integrate your handhelds with your Exchange mailboxes (Windows mobile, BlackBerrys and Palm TREOs), enabling complete wireless synchronization of your e-mail, contacts, and calendar. Rather than paying for expensive server hardware and software, you can purchase this solution with a reasonable monthly fee.

E-mail Protection Service for Spam, Viruses, Worms and Other E-Mail Attacks
Protect your business e-mail and messaging environment from unwanted spam, viruses and other e-mail attacks that are clogging your network. Purchase easy-to-administer, fully-managed protection through us that provides gatekeeper defense which resides between the internet and your computer network, to identify, quarantine, block and strip e-mail threats before they can cause damage and disruption to your system. Since this service works outside your network, you do not need to use your valuable network bandwidth to gain this protection.

Web Defense Service to Stop Web-Based Threats and Set Limits on Web Surfing
Easily and effectively protect employees and network assets from web-based threats such as spyware, viruses and phishing attacks by purchasing an easy-to-administer, fully-managed service through us. This solution also enables you to gain control over unauthorized workplace internet usage.

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